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EN3511 / EN3530

EN3511 / EN3530

Third-generation Broadband Access Solution (EN3511 - Network Controller/EN3530 - Client Premise Equipment)

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Entropic Communications


Entropic's third-generation Broadband Access solution, the EN3511 Network Controller (NC) and the EN3530 Client Premise Equipment (CPE), leverages its highly successful and field-proven silicon, based on the MoCA® standard, to enable a full mesh home network by using existing coax cables and splitters. Specific to the Ethernet-over-Coax (EoC) market, the new system uses 65nm single-chip system-on-a-chip (SoC) technology to considerably increase overall performance while reducing solution cost.

Entropic’s latest Broadband Access solution is designed to satisfy China's NGB (Next Generation Broadcasting) bandwidth requirements. Answering the need for high-performance, cost-effective access technology for multiple dwelling units (MDUs), Entropic's latest EoC solution delivers scalable "last kilometer" connectivity to bring IP-based services such as IPTV, IP VoD (video on demand), VoIP (voice over IP), and Internet access over the same coaxial network with MSO cable TV services.

Key Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
Reliability Based on the field proven MoCA® (Multimedia over Coax) 1.1 chipset
Lower Total Systems Cost Achieved through its highly integrated 65nm single-chip SoC and optimized bill of material (BOM)
Increased Performance Providing more than 270 Mbps of raw data bandwidth and more than 175 Mbps of application throughput – even when shared among 63 clients in a MDU. Based on Entropic Broadband Access testing, the EN3511/EN3530 EoC solution runs 60-percent faster than the previous c.LINK solution (EN3011/EN3230), as it provides more than 175 Mbps of application throughput as compared to approximately 100Mbps throughput in a 64-node network
System Scalability Achieved by offering High Radio Frequency (RF) architecture that can scale to multiple channels on a single coaxial cable. By operating above the regular CATV signals, and providing frequency agility between 800 MHz and 1500 MHz, additional NCs can be added to support even more clients on the network
Backward Compatibility To the currently deployed system (EN3011/EN3230) in the field offering a seamless upgrade path
Support for Quality of Service (QoS) Performance Attributes With high immunity to electrical interference and stringent low latency time-division-multiplexing protocol (TDM)



  • Last Kilometer Connectivity for High-Speed Data and Video Distribution including VOD and IPTV
  • Client Premise Equipment: Access Point/Gateway, Ethernet-to-Coax Bridge or Router, IP-based Set-top Box and DVRs
  • FTTP with Coax Distribution (for fiber optic/telco networks)
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