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Third-generation Single Chip MoCA 1.1

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Entropic Communications


"The EN2510 is Entropic's 3rd generation, single chip MoCA 1.1 solution offering best-in-class value for product requiring the features and peformance of a MoCA 1.1 home network. The EN2510 offers convenience and cost savings by combining the MAC, PHY and RF transceiver into a single 15 x 15 mm chip for a complete MoCA 1.1 solution. "

Key Features & Benefits

Features Benefits
175 Mbps of MAC throughput Enough bandwidth to support multiple and simultaneous streams of HD video and data traffic
Parameterized and prioritized QoS Two ways to ensure a quality streaming video experience
16-node networks Doubles the number of supported MoCA devices on the home network
Packet aggregation Maximizes effeciency of the network through software, resulting in higher throughputs using the same hardware
Backward interoprable with MoCA 1.0 Allows for the gradual transition of customer premise equipement to the latest MoCA standard
MII/TMII/GMII/RGMII and PCI Express host interfaces Provides design flexibility in architecting the end product



  • Video gateways, set-top boxes and IP clients
  • Data gateways, EMTAs, cable modems
  • Broadband routers
  • Optical network terminals
  • MoCA adapters and WiFi extenders
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