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MoCA 1.1 WiFi and Ethernet-to-Coax Adapter (ECA) Reference Design

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Entropic Communications


The EN2510 Wireless Ethernet-to-Coax Adapter (WECA) Reference Design leverages Entropic's MoCA® 1.1 technology to enable consumers to optimize their whole-home wireless entertainment experiences.

Wi-Fi can be subject to unpredictable coverage patterns due to potential obstacles, such as physical home layouts (i.e. walls, multiple floors) and interference from other equipment (i.e. cordless phones, security systems, remote sensors). To overcome potential in-home network challenges, Entropic’s WECA Reference Design enables service providers to deliver a more reliable, predictable, ""no excuses"" QoS network.

Consumers can connect the WECA to the existing in-home MoCA network and improve Wi-Fi connectivity for high bandwidth applications such as video streaming.

Key Features & Benefits

  • MoCA 1.1 certified reference design for Cable TV/Fiber Optic networks capable of delivering MAC throughput of up to 175Mbps over a home's existing coaxial cables
  • Features include: 4-port Fast Ethernet, config switch, reset button, TV OUT and selectable dual-band 2x2 11N
  • Ability to eliminate Wi-Fi dead spots with Wi-Fi extension; increasing coverage around the home
  • Ability to connect up to 16 devices on the same network within the home
  • Easy installation in minutes with no new cables to run or holes to drill "


  • Wi-Fi Extender for Cable TV, Wi-Fi Extender for Retail, MoCA Router - Connects Smartphones, Tablets, and other Wi-Fi Consumer Electronics (CE) Devices to a MoCA network
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