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DVB-T / H Channel Decoder

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Entropic Communications


The TDA10048HN provides a breakthrough in integration and power reduction and brings advanced features that both facilitate its integration into final products, and increases end-user satisfaction.

The TDA10048HN is a single-chip channel receiver for coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (COFDM) modulated signals. It performs all channel decoding functions, from IF (first or second IF) input to MPEG transport stream output.

The IC applies the most advanced filtering techniques and dynamic echo cancellation systems to ensure high-quality reception under the most demanding conditions, such as indoor reception or single frequency networks (SFNs).

Key Features & Benefits

  • Receiver functions which include: 2K and 8K DVB-T demodulator, fully ETSI 300-744-compliant and 4K DVB-H demodulator, ETS 300-744 annex F-compliant (without MPE-FEC)
  • Easy to design-in and use with maximized tuner compatibility; flexible clock reference options; reference designs and software drivers package available and a 48-pin HVQFN package, 7x7mm wide, compatible with low-cost PCB class 4
  • High performance for end-user satisfaction with ultra fast scanning and TV channel-zapping facilities; consolidated 'Pulse Killer' algorithm for impulsive noise reduction; dedicated filters for reliable reception in presence of inter-symbol interference (ISI), adjacent channel interference (ACI), and co-channel interference (CCI) and low power consumption (160 mW) for eco-friendly or battery-powered designs


Worldwide DVB Set-top boxes; Integrated digital televisions; PC applications such as add-on cards or peripherals, or on-mainboard TV receivers; Recording devices with DVB-T front-end, such as personal video recorders (PVRs), or DVD recorders; Battery-powered portable devices such as personal media players (PMPs) markets

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